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In 2012, Campaign for Wool chose Arabella McNie as the inspirational curator of “Wool House”, the biggest ever celebration of wool, and most expensive venture for the campaign. The event, hosted at Somerset House, showcased modern and visionary uses for wool across a range of interiors, fashion and artisanal crafts, including installations and room sets from leading artists and designers.

“I was determined to show wool as a modern fibre and visitors saw a broad spectrum from ultra-modern and hi-tech to highly luxurious and more traditional. There are some amazing fabrics and flooring and Wool House showcased some stunning room sets which really demonstrated the difference that wool can make and hopefully inspired greater use of the fibre” - Arabella.

"A must-see exhibition, full of inspirational ideas."

The Evening Standard

"Wool is the new cool."

Deco Mag

"Don't miss Wool House!"


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About the campaign

Officially launched in October 2010, Campaign for Wool is a global endeavour initiated by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales to raise awareness of the unique, natural and sustainable benefits of wool, encouraging collaboration between an international community of growers, designers, retailers and artisans.

In 2014, Arabella continued her work for the Campaign with “The Collection”, fifty exceptional lifestyle and interiors items, showcasing the extraordinary qualities of wool as a modern fibre. For more information please visit The Campaign for Wool website, here.